Thursday, September 6, 2012

Truths and Myths of Wool Carpet

Above is a microscopic picture of a wool fiber...the burrs keep it from staining and keep it looking beautiful for 25 years.As a designer I love it for how it feels in a actually creates negative ions ,just like if you put a waterfall in a room.  Also the colors in wool looks better,not so harsh. once you get used to specifying wool it's hard to look at plastic carpet.And once installers start installing wool they refuse to install plastic, because there hands get soft from the lanolin and there are never call backs for re-stretches
Wool is the SMART fiber..we have forgotten. It has been used for 25,000 years as the choice for our fabric and rugs.  Those carpets that were woven were handed down from generation to generation,lasting 100's of years. The indigeneous people know that it insulates and regulates your bodies temperture, tht's why they use it even in the very hot tempertures and extrem climate conditions.
 About 22 years ago I discovered wool as the floorcovering choice that met all the criteria I needed.  Because I recently discovered that the original true linoleum was being made from linoleum instead of plastic and it wears for 25 years..I knew that there had to be other alternatives that we had forgotten Also I had recently been diagnosed with "allergic reactions" to chemicals in synthetic carpet,carpet pad,wallcoverings,vinyl flooring,car exhaust,new paint,adhesives and perfumes. It was because of my developed chemical sensitivities, I needed to find something that was less toxic and my partner and I discovered the wonders of wool!

Can you imagine that there is a fiber that is 100% biodegradable, and does not need fire-retardants applied to keep it from burning?  Wool has a built-in flame resistance that comes from the fiber's high moisture content and the protein in its make-up.FIRE-RETARDANT IS A  KNOWN CARCENOGEN. 
Did you know that hotels use to put wool in all their hallways to keep fires from spreading. AND all hospitals in New Zealand require wool carpet?  I wish we could be that aware in the United States.

MYTH..Wool carpet stains easily...because of its unique molecular you can see by the picture, it has burrs that keep moisture spills and stains from soaking into the fiber.  This is what the synthetic carpet industry has attempted to duplicate. Also, they have launched a campaign against wool..saying it stains easily!  Which is a myth..and very untrue  I started out selling carpet in 1976 when Dupont Stainmaster carpet was first introduced.  By the time we(my husband and I) started our natural flooring center there were 500 plus lawsuits against Dupont for people being injured by poison (stain repellent) applied to the synthetic carpet. For further investigative reporting and research you can go to Toxic Times and the archives written
by Cindy Duerhing.
MYTH...I like wool,but it costs too much! We encourage our clients to work it out mathematically.
Because wool last 25 years or more.It saves you money.  If you buy a synthetic carpet that cost
$30.00 and last 8 years..if you are lucky and buy another 8 years later for 35.00 and 8 years later same carpet is 40.00 you have spent over 100.00 plus the cost and disposal of 3 trips to dump. Meanwhile you could have purchased a wool carpet had it look,clean up easily, stand the wear-and-tear of a growing family
and spent 60.00 for 25 years.  Plus petroleum is more expensive and wool is staying pretty affordable.

MYTH.." I can't use it in my basement because it might mildew".  Moisture trapped in dark areas normally result in mildew and mold. However, wools protein content and a naturally low PH combine to provide
the ultimate resistance to mildew,mold and fungal attack-not even in temperate zones,but in climatic extremes.

So, in closing for the 22 years I have been working with primarily health compromised client, I have 1,000 of elated customers that have chosen wool.  Hopefully you will consider it for your next investment for your home. go to to get amazing specials,always,or call 707-585-2343 P.S.T.

There is much more that I want to write about., but will end it here for today.

Susan Bahl